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The true power of a light is measured based on its Lumens Per Watt ratio (LPW). Our Ceramic Metal Halide fixtures provide about 300% more power (lumens per watt) than halogen and incandescent lights, while using only a fraction of the energy. For example:

      • A single 22 Watt Eco-Lite fixture is 1-1/2 Times

               as powerful as a 50 Watt Halogen Fixture.

      • A single 39 Watt Eco-Lite fixture is comparable

               in power to (3) 50 Watt Halogen Fixtures.

      • A single 70 Watt Eco-Lite fixture is more powerful

               than (4) 50 Watt Halogen fixtures.

In addition, our lights generate only a fraction of the heat compared to halogens—this results in a cooler, more pleasant store environment, as well as tremendous energy savings on electricity and air conditioning.


Energy Efficient Lighting Including Commercial and Industrial for Recessed, Track, Pendant Lighting

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Eco-Lite Products, LLC has several Divisions. Econo-Lite™ is a Jewelry Lighting company. Our main offerings include: Commercial Light Fixtures and Energy Efficient Light Bulbs for retail stores and home needs.

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